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Thanks to our congregants and visitors for a bright and festive parade celebration of Christmas 2022 with cookies and beverages.

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Traveling Exhibit Today!

Come on out for an evening stroll by the Middleton Church 6 PM – 8 PM and check out the Exhibit. Check out the ancient relics.

Where, When, and What for Traveling Exhibit

Ancient Relic
Ancient Exhibit piece

Traveling Exhibit

Come join us at the Middleton United Methodist Church for a look into ancient Judean life

“A traveling exhibit from the Bade Museum @ Pacific School of Religion

Berkeley, California”

Dates, Times, and Location for the Traveling Exhibit
Image of Ancient Relic
Ancient relic

Harvest Festival 2022

Thank you for supporting the pie sale at the Middleton Harvest Festival

Palm Sunday’s Message ” “Proclaim”

April 10, 2022

Sunday’s Message “Through Faith in Christ”

April 3, 2022

Sunday Bible Study

From April 27th through May 29th, we will do a six-week overview of the Old Testament. This will on Sunday mornings from 10:00 until 10:45. Please come and join us.

Sunday’s Message “Who Are We?”

March 27, 2022

Sunday’s Sermon – Mar. 6, ’22 “What’s It All About?”

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What’s It All About?

Sunday’s Message Feb. 27, ’22 “Jesus was Found Alone”

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Welcome to the Heart of Middleton