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ASH Wednesday Service – 11 a.m. Feb. 22, 2023

We’d love to have you join us for a brief Ash Wednesday Service,

Did you know that last year’s palm leaves are burned to make some of this year’s ashes? Thanks J.S. for the palms!

On February 22nd at 11:00, we will have our annual Ash Wednesday service. This is a service to commemorate the beginning of Lent. The day prior to this is Mardi Gras. In the Middle Ages, that was the day on which all the luxury items (i.e. anything good) were used up, as Lent was a time of penance, which included plain meals. It has been a season when more meals were to be non-meat meals, which meant a lot of fish, with Fridays, during Lent, technically still a non-meat day. (In the theology underlying this, meat comes from warm-blooded animals, so anything cold blooded is not meat. Thus, in Lent you can eat all the lizards, snakes, and fish you want, any day of the week.) This is why so many fast food places have sales on their fish sandwiches each spring! Within our church lineage, the requirement for fish dropped out when the Church of England dropped out of the Catholic Church. While we will not have fish, or even fish sandwiches, on Ash Wednesday we will have a solemn service which will include the imposition of ashes on the foreheads of those desiring to participate in this ritual.

Image in black gray with written Ash Wednesday and a cross in black. A red outline in the shape of a heart outlines the cross.
view of church from Paradise street
Paradise Street entrance

Join us by entering through the Paradise Street door, just off Main Street In The Heart of Middleton! Hope to see you on Ash Wednesday or another time soon.