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Sunday’s Message Jan. 16, 2022 “The First Sign”

Image of pinata style cross, but the cross didn't break!
Image of pinata style cross, but the cross didn’t break!

Sunday’s Message Jan. 9, 2022 “Baptism”

In the Methodist Church water is the medium for baptism. In church a sprinkle is commonly used. The picture below shows the Anderson’s 2007 donated baptismal bowl and stand (Font.) Methodists also baptize by immersion in a river, lake, pond, pool, or baptistery and put the individual all the way under the water, like we assume was done to Jesus and the others. Contact for more information in becoming baptized into the Methodist Church.

Colorful Baptismal Font and stained glass window donated by the Anderson's in 2007
Image of Baptismal Font donated by the Anderson’s in 2007