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Sermon First Sunday of Advent 11.29.2020

Tuesday Bible Study

Service November 22, 2020

Thankfullness for BSA 255 Scouting for Food 11.14.2020

Want to give a shout out of thankfullness for BSA 255. While collecting nearly 8000 pounds food via Scouting for Food, they also raked up leaves at the church property, cleaned our gutters so we wouldn’t have ice dams this winter, repaired a few things in our building, and hauled away fall leaves and other trash. Thank You 255! We appreciate you.

Service 11.15.2020

Thank you for donating! Scouting for Food Saturday November 14, 2020 8am to 12pm

Image of Food, non-perishable

Sermon 11.8.2020

Support Local Scouts Nov. 14th from 8am to noon.

Drop off non-perishable food items at Middleton Middle school Saturday, November 14, 2020 between 8am and noon. Thank You Scouts! And Thanks to our community partners for helping our friends and neighbors.