Monthly Archives: June 2016

New Pastor

Our new Local Assigned Pastor is Chuck Shahan. He is active at Meridian UMC, particularly with their Wednesday night Refuge Service. He is eager to be here and serve as a half-time pastor. He lives in Nampa with his wife, and will not live in the parsonage in Middleton. Our programs, ministries and activities already have his support. Chuck said his main gift to us is his love of God, and his openness to others. (He also said the only people who would not be welcome are perfect people.) We will host a dinner meeting on June 24, 2016 at 6 pm for everyone to have an opportunity to get acquainted. Please plan to attend.


Vacation Bible School August 8-12

Animal Crackers is our theme, Heifer International is our mission focus.

Times: 9:30-12:30

Place: The Fellowship Hall

Food: We will provide a snack and lunch

Registration is required.

4th of July

There’s been a few changes this year to shorten the time you wait in line:

We will have free Ice Cream cones again this year! Come in the side door.

Fruit pies for sale buy a slice or the whole thing. Come in the front door.