Spiritual Life


In person Worship.  11 AM Sundays, with a service which is casual yet traditional.  Musically, we cover a wide range: old favorites, camp songs, spirituals, modern hymns, and praise choruses — not all on the same Sunday!  We usually follow the lectionary, an ecumenical tradition which suggests appropriate scriptures for each Sunday. The Pastor’s sermons are written based on the wisdom of these scriptures, guided by church tradition, reason, and experience. (You can sample a sermon here.)  The Order of Worship tends toward written liturgy, but during our prayer time, members of the congregation share joys and concerns verbally. 

Learning groups:  

Shorter-term Groups.  We often schedule short-term groups during particular seasons of the church, especially Advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter). The Adult Class will have classes which will be a short overview of the Old Testament running from April 24th through May 29th. (2022) 

We pray to be united in our faith through God’s Spirit,

being led by the traditional Wesleyan guides of

scripture, tradition, reason, and experience.


The Methodist vision of the “Religion of the Heart” includes:

love for all people, an ongoing search to understand the problems

confronting the world, and hope for social improvement.


Join with us as we go through congregational renewal.


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