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Free Photo

Free 8 x 10 color portrait! June 21 & 22 by Lifetouch Photography.  Space is limited.  You can sign up after a Sunday service, during office hours or Wednesday night.

You can purchase photos if you wish, discounts are available for seniors, veterans and first responders.  You may also get $5.00 off with a food donation to the Middleton Food Pantry.

Our Wednesday Night Free Community Dinner is cancelled for January 4, 2017.

This is the first time our meal has been cancelled.  We have served a free meal every week for the last 8 years.  We are grateful to all those involved.  We are especially grateful to our friends at the LDS church for pitching in 2 weeks of the month so our crew can have a break.  Hope to see you next week.


This is a work in progress

We are updating our page, so please feel free to give suggestions.

Vacation Bible School August 8-12

Animal Crackers is our theme, Heifer International is our mission focus.

Times: 9:30-12:30

Place: The Fellowship Hall

Food: We will provide a snack and lunch

Registration is required.

Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship YF!
The Youth had a GREAT time at the WINTERJAM concert in early November.
10 kids participated in the multiple band extravaganza. For some it was their FIRST concert experience and what a memorable one it was!

Our Fundraiser is off to a great start. Please use the envelopes attached to the bulletin board with numbers marked on them. Please feel free to grab a # and fill it with that amount of money. Then put it in the offering plate or Jen Swing’s box. If there is a number too high you can always go in with another person to create a higher amount. These donations allow the kids to experience God and his purpose in FUN and EXCITING ways. Like the Winterjam concert. Like Bowling. Like Christian theatre plays etc.….

Coming Events for YF!

The Christmas Pageant is BACK this year!
Operation Baby King is the storyline, kind of a James Bond spy theme.
Practices start Nov. 29th at 10:00-11:00am and continue every Sunday at 10:00am until the 20th. We will have practice at 10 then participate in the opening during the church service at 11:15.
On Wednesday the 23rd we will have a 6:30pm-7:30pm practice to perfect the lighting and such.
Then for the Grand Finale on Christmas EVE! Be at the church at 6:15pm. The play will start at 7:00. They are usually only 30-45 minutes long.

Friday-December 11th 3:30pm
Meet at the United Methodist Church, the kids are planning a “Random Acts of Kindness” adventure through Middleton. Any adult is welcome to join in on the fun.
Items needed per kid:
$5 in divided bills and quarters
1 bag of un-popped popcorn
2 cans of food

Wednesday-December 16th 6:30pm
we are gathering at the church to go caroling to select locations in downtown Middleton. After the chilly singing there will be delicious steamy HOT CHOCOLATE to warm our bones.

December Calendar


Every Wednesday:
5pm Bible Study with Pastor Dave
6pm Free Dinner
Caldwell UMC
10 am
Craft Fellowship
AA 7:30pm
Sons of the
YF 10am
2ndSunday of Advent
AA 7:30pm
AA 7:30pm
Al-Anon 7:30pm
Girls 5:30
Boys: 7pm
Chamber of Commerce
10 am
Craft Fellowship
AA 7:30pm
YF 3:30pm
“Random acts of Kindness”
YF 10am
3rdSunday of Advent
AA 7:30pm
AA 7:30pm
Al-Anon 7:30pm
15 11:30am
Senior Lunch
Girls 5:30
Boys: 7pm
10 am
Craft Fellowship
AA 7:30pm
YF 10am
4thSunday of Advent
AA 7:30pm
AA 7:30pm
Al-Anon 7:30pm
Girls 5:30
Boys: 7pm
YF Practice
7pm YF
Family Service
“What Gift Can We Bring?”
AA 7:30pm
AA 7:30pm
Al-Anon 7:30pm
Girls 5:30
Boys: 7pm
AA 7:30pm

December Pastor’s Column

Getting Ready for Christmas


Wal-Mart’s been ready since September. Costco’s been ready since October. And I saw Santa last Friday, November 20, so I guess he’s ready. Maybe my clock runs slower than the rest of the world; because I’m not so ready.


Because when you’re about to celebrate that God became present in the flesh, in a human body, how do you get ready for that?


As we continue hearing the Great Stories of the Bible on Sunday, we’ll get ready for Christmas by remembering the reason we needed Emmanuel, God-With-Us. We’ll hear Old Testament stories leading up to Christmas, and we’ll hear why Israel needed a savior, and celebrate the fact that they got one, and we did too.


12/6/15            When God’s people lose spirit…

The Story: Ezekiel 37 (The Dry Bones)


12/13/15          Staying faithful in an irreligious world

The Story: Daniel 6 (The Lion’s Den)


12/20/15          The people who walked in darkness

The Story: Isaiah 7:10-16; Matthew 1 (Promise and fulfillment: Messiah)


12/24/15          In the midst of empire, a future champion is born.

The Story: Luke 2:1-21 (The Birth of the Messiah)


12/27/15          (Debbie Wallace, preaching and worship.)


Lots of other stuff happening too. See the calendar. Plenty of opportunity to get ready, here!




“God’s Top forty”

Pastor’s Column

The Bible is a big book. On Sunday, we read two or sometimes three portions aloud; but even so, there are lots of stories, poetry, and teaching that we never get to.

What to do, what to do?

One solution is called the Revised Common Lectionary. It’s a chart of Bible lessons, four each Sunday (Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, Gospel – so two from the Old Testament, two from the New). And then it lays out each Sunday for three years before it begins repeating. I’m a fan of the lectionary and usually preach from one of the four lessons. Over the course of three years, it has us read something from every book in the Bible (if we read all four lessons).

I am going for another solution this September. Rather than cover the entire Bible over the course of three years, I’ll do it in one. Obviously that means I’ll leave a bunch of stuff out. But what I will do is read in worship, and preach from, a selection of texts I’m calling “God’s Top Forty.” The forty stories that most impact people.

The advantages, I think, are these: for newer Christians, it will afford a basic overview of the sweep of the Bible. For those more familiar with the Bible, this fast scan should allow important themes to emerge. For instance, God’s using the flood in Noah’s time to try to wipe away sin, making many other efforts, and then settling on another solution — the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. One advantage peculiar, perhaps, to me: because we’ll have only one reading each Sunday, it forces me to preach on the Old Testament! And finally, these are incredibly impactful stories, even life-changing for some.

So here’s an example of what’s coming up in September.

9/6/15 An Introduction to the Bible: why take an old book like this seriously?

Text: 2 Kings 22:1-10; 23:1-3 (Josiah’s recovery of Scripture, reform and renewal)

(This one’s out of order)

9/13/15 Creation: Our science is so much more advanced than this; what can we learn?

The Story: Genesis 1:1–2:4a (Two creation stories)

9/20/15 Temptation: If it’s delightful and desirable, why not?

The Story: Genesis 2:15–17; 3:1–7 (Adam, Eve, the Serpent, and God)

9/27/15 The Flood: God reboots a broken world.

The Story: selections from Genesis chapters 7-9

(Genesis 7:1–5, 11–18; 8:6–18; 9:8–13)

I’m looking forward to this! And I think it will be useful. This year, spend Sunday morning with the people of God, and enjoy magnificent stories!

Grill in the Park

We’ve started a new ministry in keeping with our slogan, “We Feed People Body And Soul”.

Come by “Tank Park” Wednesday nights at 6pm, thru September 16th  for free food!

Good Friday… and Easter Sunday

On Good Friday, 4/3/15, we remember the abandonment and pain that Jesus experienced on his life journey; on Easter Sunday, we remember and experience the new life God gave, and still gives!  Join us:

Friday, April 3, at 12:00 noon:  Good Friday service, retelling the bravery of Jesus Christ on his way to death.    Sunday, April 5, at 11:15 AM:  Easter Sunday service, without which Good Friday is simply sad:  Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!

All are welcome!