Current Operating Plan – COVID-19

Stepping Forward – from our DS effective May 17, 2021

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Option 1: Basic Standard Practices for Churches and other Ministries
United Methodist churches or other ministries choosing to follow the Basic Standard Practices are
responsible for observing the following guidelines in their life and ministry.
• Every local church and ministry will take care to maintain reasonable compliance to these
area standards. Each should have a team that meets to:
{ Discuss and assess the church or ministry
capacity to safely meet in-person
{ Consider how to adapt to changes in
public health requirements
{ Evaluate all gatherings and spaces for
safe use with 6’ distancing between
households and good ventilation
{ Plan how to sustain digital options for
participation, especially for vulnerable
persons, who may not be available to
meet in-person
{ Prepare communication with members, constituents, and the public
• A local church is not permitted to hold in-person worship without the approval of the
pastor. For local churches, decisions about the use of church property for worship or other
gatherings belong to the pastor without interference from the Board of Trustees (Book of
Discipline, ¶ 2533).
• Indoor gatherings (including worship, small groups, meetings, outside groups, and youth
activities – middle school/jr. high and older) are permitted with up to 50 people, as allowed
by state and local restrictions: with 6’ of physical distancing between households.
{ Masks always required by all participants over age 2
{ Solo or household vocal and wind instrument performances may be recorded indoors
following Guidelines for Safe Singing (see appendix)
{ No congregational singing at this time
{ Events should be limited in length to no more than one hour
• Outdoor worship/gatherings of any size are permitted; 6’ of physical distancing is required
between households.
Stepping forward safely in love and trust | Released May 5, 2021 6
{ Masks always required by all participants over age 2
{ Singing allowed following Guidelines for Safe Singing (see appendix)
{ Ministries should explore local government permitting requirements for outdoor
events, particularly if using amplification or radio frequencies
• Recognizing the essential nature of the sacraments to congregational life, and the inherent
risks posed by each during a pandemic, follow the guidance outlined in each of the following
{ Communion: Continue to follow the guidance offered in ‘Options for practicing
Holy Communion during a pandemic.’
{ Baptism: Follow the guidance offered in ‘Resuming Care-filled Worship and Sacramental Life During a Pandemic,’ beginning on page 23.

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