December Pastor’s Column

Getting Ready for Christmas


Wal-Mart’s been ready since September. Costco’s been ready since October. And I saw Santa last Friday, November 20, so I guess he’s ready. Maybe my clock runs slower than the rest of the world; because I’m not so ready.


Because when you’re about to celebrate that God became present in the flesh, in a human body, how do you get ready for that?


As we continue hearing the Great Stories of the Bible on Sunday, we’ll get ready for Christmas by remembering the reason we needed Emmanuel, God-With-Us. We’ll hear Old Testament stories leading up to Christmas, and we’ll hear why Israel needed a savior, and celebrate the fact that they got one, and we did too.


12/6/15            When God’s people lose spirit…

The Story: Ezekiel 37 (The Dry Bones)


12/13/15          Staying faithful in an irreligious world

The Story: Daniel 6 (The Lion’s Den)


12/20/15          The people who walked in darkness

The Story: Isaiah 7:10-16; Matthew 1 (Promise and fulfillment: Messiah)


12/24/15          In the midst of empire, a future champion is born.

The Story: Luke 2:1-21 (The Birth of the Messiah)


12/27/15          (Debbie Wallace, preaching and worship.)


Lots of other stuff happening too. See the calendar. Plenty of opportunity to get ready, here!




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